5 Amazing Cocktails That You Absolutely Need to Try in 2020

5 Amazing Cocktails That You Absolutely Need to Try in 2020

Make Your 2020 a Year to Remember with These 5 Awesome Cocktails

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to make some new goals. It’s always great to start the year with a commitment to doing some good for yourself but we’re going to take a step away from the standard health and self-improvement resolutions and suggest you make your goals for the new year a little more enticing.

At Clique Bar & Lounge, we’d like to help make 2020 a year to remember, and what better way to do this than by providing you with the most amazing cocktails in all of Las Vegas? We know our cocktail menu is so tempting it can be hard to choose, so we’ve narrowed the list down for you a bit. Here are 5 cocktails from Clique Bar & Lounge that you’re not going to want to miss out on this year.

Blackbeard’s Delight

The name sounds a little ominous but you’d be surprised just how smooth this concoction is – considering it’s named after one of history’s most fearsome pirates known for his thick black beard and intimidating appearance. You don’t have to take to the sea to experience Blackbeard’s Delight – in fact, you can find it on the cocktail menu at Clique Bar & Lounge.

Blackbeard’s Delight is crafted using Bulleit Bourbon, which is known for being smooth while still maintaining a bold and spicy character. Bulleit Bourbon is a blend or rye, corn and barley malt that blends together perfectly for a bourbon that is warm, with undertones of nutmeg and maple.

The only thing that could make this bourbon any better is the addition of blackberry, lemon, mint and ginger beer to create a cocktail that’s is a little snappy, a lot refreshing, and just rich enough to leave you craving more.

Benny Blanco

2020 is the beginning of a new decade and that means it’s time to try some new things and see where it all takes you. If you’re looking for a completely unique cocktail experience, let us introduce you to one of Clique’s signature cocktails – the Benny Blanco.

The Benny Blanco starts out with Casamigos Blanco Tequila, and then takes an interesting twist. It’s blended with the sweet spiciness of pineapple chili shrub, and then a little Velvet Falernum is added to the mix. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with it, Velvet Falernum is a rum based liquor with unique character notes of lime, clove, a hint of almond and exotic spices. If you’re a fan of tropical cocktails like the classic Mai Tai or the Zombie, chances are you’ve tasted Velvet Falernum at least once in your life.

This cocktail, which manages to be both rich and refreshing at the same time is finished off with fresh lemon and a splash or two of fizzy seltzer.

Bergamot Spritz

It’s impossible to know bergamot without loving bergamot. At Clique Bar & Lounge, we’re proud to highlight this amazing essence is one of our most popular bubbly cocktails – the Bergamot Spritz. Trust us when we say this isn’t your grandmother’s spritz. We create this luscious cocktail using Square One Bergamot Vodka – an Oregon original that is infused with the bright, citrus and floral aroma of bergamot. The finish is surprising warm and spicy with just the right hint of finger and mandarin orange.

We take all the notes of Square One Bergamot Vodka and elevate them with the addition of Galliano, passion fruit, fresh lemon, and of course, a pour of a little bubbly. The Bergamot Spritz is elegant, refined, and will tantalize your taste buds.

Tableside Mixology Favorites

You deserve to treat yourself to something a little extra special, and this is the year to do it. At Clique Bar & Lounge, we offer a VIP Tableside Mixology service that is guaranteed to elevate your experience with unforgettable, showstopping cocktails prepared by our expert mixologists right at your table. When considering which cocktails to include on our must-try list for 2020, we’d be negligent in our duties if we didn’t mention a couple that are stars of the show on our tableside mixology menu. Here are two to add to your cocktail bucket list for 2020.

Something May Catch Fire

When we say our tableside mixology menu contains a few showstoppers, we really mean it. If you don’t believe us then we challenge you to order Something May Catch Fire and then dare to deny that this isn’t one of the most incredible cocktails you’ve ever let grace your lips.

With this tableside masterpiece, you get the unique blend of tamarind infused Espolon Tequila and Aloe Vera Liqueur. If this isn’t enough to stir your curiosity, this cocktail is then blended with yellow Chartreuse, lemon and Pineapple. It is then finishes with the garnish of fresh rosemary, cassia chips and delicate Curacao Pearls.

Up All Night

What better way to round off the top 5 awesome cocktails you need to try in 2020 than the one that embodies one of our favorite things to do – stay Up All Night, or at least until the party is over. Our Up All Night cocktail is one that will make you want to miss your curfew and burn the midnight oil.

It all starts with Cruzan Rum that’s mixed with Orgeat. From there, ginger syrup is added, along with juicy blackberries, strawberries and Peychaud’s Bitters. Is there any thing we could possibly do to this cocktail to make it more memorable? How about serving it with a sparkler that is guaranteed to get everyone’s attention.

Get Started On Your 2020 Cocktail Adventures at Clique Bar & Lounge

We’ve provided you with 5 cocktails that you can’t miss in 2020. Now it’s on you to make your way into the hottest cocktail lounge in Vegas. You can try all 5 of these cocktails and any of the other awesome cocktails that have been created by the most talented mixologists in Vegas. Join us at Clique Bar & Lounge by making your reservations today.