All About Bitters

All About Bitters


Here at CliQue Bar and Lounge, we love making expertly crafted cocktails just for our patrons. We also know that a good cocktail is only as good as its ingredients. This is why we are so passionate about all of the little ingredients that go into our drinks to make them special. This is especially true when it comes to bitters.

While bitters may not have the most appetizing name, they are very important and they can make all of the difference in the taste of any cocktail. Here are a few facts about bitters and why they are such a great addition to any drink.

  • Bitters are often literally made of spice, and they pretty much serve the same role in cocktails as spices do in food—they add more flavor and complexity.
  • Bitters are made from alcohol infused with plant extracts and were actually once marketed as Medicine.
  • Angostura bitters are the most common type of bitters and are what you would typically use if a recipe simply calls for “bitters” as an ingredient. You will find these in Old Fashioneds and Manhattans.
  • Peychuad’s is a special type of bitters used in Sazerac. If you don’t have this type of bitters in this classic New Orleans drink, then it isn’t really Sazerac.
  • If you see a bottle of bitters with a bright orange cap, instead of the signature yellow cap, it is a type of Orange bitters. They are found in the “Classic” Martini and Pegu cocktails.
  • Many people refer to the recent resurgence of bitters as the “Mad Men Effect.” When the show made drinks like Old Fashions and Manhattans popular again, more people became introduced to bitters- which are essential ingredients in both of these cocktails.
  • The more popular bitters become, the more new types, styles and flavors you will find.

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Here at CliQue Bar and Lounge, you will find bitters in a number of our signature cocktails. The Peychaud’s bitters, which are famous for making the Sazerac, can be found in our Up All Night cocktail, made with berries, gingery syrup and Cruzan rum. Our Kid Dynamite Drink, which is made with bourbon, sherry, vermouth and IPA syrup, has both orange bitters and angostura bitters in the same drink. It really pulls out the flavor of the Basil Hayden’s Bourbon.

We’ve even gotten creative with our bitters recently. In our Last Chance Power Drive cocktail, you will find house-made coconut bitters. In our Dr. Cel-Ray Pepper, you will find celery bitters finishing off this vodka drink.

If you want to see first-hand the difference the right bitters can make in a cocktail, then head on down to CliQue, your favorite Las Vegas Lounge, for your own private lesson in the wonderful effect that bitters can have.