Aperitifs and Digestifs- Everything You Need to Know

Aperitifs and Digestifs- Everything You Need to Know

If you ask us, one of the best parts about going out to eat is enjoying a delicious cocktail before your meal and another delicious cocktail after the meal. But, did you know that these before and after dinner drinks actually have names?

Your drink served before dinner is known as an aperitif while that drink you have after dinner is called a digestif. These are the French terms for before and after dinner drinks and they have more than just fancy names. If you are looking for more information on aperitifs and digestifs, including which drinks are best before or after your meal—don’t worry we have you covered with a rundown on everything you need to know about these two types of beverages.


Aperitifs are cocktails served before a meal. A proper aperitif is meant to stimulate the appetite and get you hungry for the meal. It essentially prepares your stomach and your taste buds for the dinner ahead. Typically, aperitifs are made with gin, vermouth or another type of dry wine or spirit.

If you want to order an aperitif a gin drink, a gimlet, a Manhattan with sweet vermouth or a dry, classic martini are all great options. These are the type of drinks that will leave you feeling relaxed and excited for your big meal ahead, but also hungry and ready to enjoy a delicious meal.

They also typically have a lower alcohol content then a digestif, but if you ask us, that isn’t necessarily a necessity. The key is that the cocktail should be light, non-filling and easy to drink.


While aperitifs help you get hungry for the meal, digestifs help you wind down and digest that delicious meal you just devoured. Many times, these drinks are sweet, so expect popular digestifs to be port wines or dessert liqueurs. However, they can be a bit herbal or bitter as well, if that is what you prefer. Commonly you will find cognac, brandy or wines at the top of most people’s digestif list.

The difference between this drink and its pre-dinner counterpart is that the fact that these drinks typically have more alcohol in them. They also tend to have more sugar—in case you want to use your cocktail as your dessert.

Apparently these drinks are also supposed to settle your stomach, so you may find many of them made with fresh ginger.

Now that you know all about aperitifs and digestifs, you can go ahead and impress all of your friends with your new cocktail knowledge. Chances are, they will think you are much more classy and cocktail-savvy than they thought. Make sure that you are getting the best aperitifs and digestifs around, by visiting Las Vegas Clique Bar and Lounge. We will make sure that you have the perfect bookends to your meal with a delectable drink to start and a creative cocktail to close out your night.