August Events At Clique Bar & Lounge to Heat Up Your Summer

August Events At Clique Bar & Lounge to Heat Up Your Summer

What’s On Tap At Clique Bar & Lounge This August

With a premier location in the heart of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Clique Bar & Lounge is the spot to be seen this summer. Each day, the scene at Clique keeps getting hotter, and August is setting itself up to be the steamiest month yet. Clique is the Las Vegas cocktail bar where you’ll want to spend your Friday and Saturday nights all year round, but the arrival of August is bringing with it some of the most anticipated happenings on Clique’s event calendar.

There’s never a quiet – or dull – moment at Clique Bar & Lounge. When you’re looking for a Vegas lounge where you can linger with your friends well into the wee hours of the morning, Clique is the place to be. To sweeten the deal, here are just a few of the August events you can look forward to at Clique.

Kickoff to NFL Preseason

For sports fans, August signals the start to a long-anticipated football season. This year, things get kicked off nice and early with the NFL Preseason beginning August 1 with an epic match between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons.

When it comes to grabbing a group of friends and settling in to celebrate the NFL preseason kickoff, there’s no better lounge on the strip for providing you with the experience you’re looking for. There’s nothing about watching a game at Clique Bar & Lounge that even remotely resembles the typical sports bar experience.

For starters, we bring special additional screens to make sure you’re catching all the action on the important games. Then there’s the drinks and incredible food – both of which will have you feeling like you’ve landed the hottest VIP seat for each game.

Annual Chef Battle

Las Vegas is home to an amazing foodie culture. It’s here that chefs, both local and from all around the world, come to showcase their talents and tantalize the taste buds of the patrons in some of the top restaurants in the world. If you love a little culinary exploration, then Las Vegas is the place to come to appease all your desires.

There are so many great, talented chefs in the area that not all of them the get notoriety they deserve. Sometimes you need a little boost to jump out in front of the pack and get noticed, and Clique Bar & Lounge is happy to fire up our appetites to help.

Our annual Chef Battle kicks off on Saturday, August 21, 2019. In true chef battle fashion, each week will bring a new competition where the contestants either outshine or get outlasted. Who will win the title and have their menu creation featured at Clique Bar & Lounge? Join us for the battle.

College Game Day

If there’s one staple of football season that we don’t want to miss, it’s College Game Day. The broadcast of College Game Day has become a beloved tradition for fans of collegiate sports, and this year it gets kicked off on August 24.

While College Game Day will get your team spirit pumpin’, a big part of the experience is where you watch it. Clique Bar & Lounge would like to invite you to catch College Game Day on one of their countless screens and enjoy the drinks, nibbles, and high energy vibe that can only be found in Las Vegas.

Friday and Saturday Nights at Clique

The events at Clique Bar & Lounge are always jampacked and on the do-to list of those who really know what’s happening in the Vegas cocktail bar scene. Still, you don’t need a special event to find an excuse to join us at Clique, because here every day is a reason to celebrate.

Friday and Saturday nights at Clique are the very definition of Vegas nightlife. On Friday and Saturday, you’ll find entertainment that’s on point and takes the energy up to maximum level. Between the live music, DJs, mouthwatering culinary delights and a drink menu that doesn’t stop, Clique is irresistible as the place to hang and party with your friends.

When you’re looking for something extra out of the experience, consider the tableside mixology service which involves having mixologists who are experts in their craft prepare your drinks tableside. Tableside mixology is as fun and memorable as it is magical and mesmerizing.

Make Your Reservations at Clique Bar & Lounge Today

What’s the best way to ensure you have a spot at Clique’s hottest events. It’s as easy as RSVPing and reserving a spot today. Clique Bar & Lounge always welcomes you through their door, but a reservation guarantees you get the spot and attention of their dedicated staff you deserve. Contact Clique and RSVP today.