Clique Bar and Lounge’s Famous Cookies & Cream Specialty Shooter

Clique Bar and Lounge’s Famous Cookies & Cream Specialty Shooter

Dessert or cocktail? Why decide? You can have your milk and cookies and enjoy a cocktail all at the same time by ordering Clique’s famous Cookies & Cream Shooter.

The Cookies & Cream Shooter is a fairly new addition to the Clique Bar and Lounge menu which has proven an instant superstar. This cocktail concoction is sweet but potent, and is served in–wait for it–an edible cookie glass. It’s the perfect sweet-and-slightly-naughty indulgence to enjoy during your next night on the town! In this post, we’d like to introduce you to this incredible cocktail creation. Read on to discover more about it and how the Cookies & Cream shooter fits into your favorite Las Vegas Bar and Lounge, Clique’s always innovative offerings!

What is a shooter, anyway? Before addressing the legendary Cookies & Cream shooter, it’s important to understand what a shooter is, precisely. In essence, a shooter is a small yet potent mixed drink. It’s typically served in a small glass; sometimes a shot glass, sometimes an alternate vessel (such as in the case of both Clique’s Cookies & Cream Shooter, which is served in a cookie glass, and our groundbreaking Don Sandia Shooter, which is served in a hollowed-out portion of cucumber). So what differentiates a shot from a shooter? While a shot is a small portion of a single type of liquid, a shooter is a mixture of liquids.

When drinking a shooter, it’s not necessary to down it all in one go, as people often do with shots. Particularly with creative shooters like the Cookies & Cream Shooter, you may want to sip to make it last longer, though we understand if it’s so delectable that you just need to get it in your mouth ASAP. This is a no-judgment zone!

What is the Cookies & Cream Shooter?

Clique’s Cookies & Cream Shooter is masterpiece of cocktail creativity. The mix that makes up this this shooter includes Ciroc vodka, Dorda double chocolate, banana liqueur, and chocolate whipped cream. Sounds great, right? But wait, there’s more: it’s served in an edible cookie shot glass. So once you finish the shooter, you can eat the delectable cookie glass it was served in! Yes indeed, this is the type of beverage that inspires love sonnets…or, you know, a deep craving for another round!