CliQue Bar & Lounge Cocktail Menu Highlight

CliQue Bar & Lounge Cocktail Menu Highlight

Las Vegas Lounge Cocktail Menu Highlight

If you are looking for a relaxing yet high-quality lounge experience, Clique Bar and Lounge  and their Cocktail Menu in Las Vegas is a must. Located right on the casino floor, guests won’t even know that they are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Vegas. Craft cocktails brought to your table combined with the timeless music to create an ambiance that truly whisks you away from the loud cacophony of gameplay.

Why Clique?

Here you can casually graze on artisanal bites that fit in the palm of your hand. Likewise, you can slowly sip your tableside cocktail while taking in the relaxing entertainment that the atmosphere provides.

We know that when you come to Las Vegas your goal is not solitude so much as intimacy mixed with privacy. Whether you are here with someone special or looking to meet someone special, atmosphere is everything. Being able to relax, socialize, step away from it all and yet be fully immersed in your dining experience is what a Clique Bar and Lounge is all about.

What makes the drinks so special?

Our innovative bartenders work day and night with tableside mixology to provide you with ingenious recipes that are unique. The drinks you can enjoy here are unlike any you would enjoy elsewhere, giving you that personalized treatment that you deserve. Each composition touches your senses in an undeniably potent fashion that is somehow calm and quiet. This is one of the best lounges you will find not just because of the innovative drinks that we provide, but because of the wide array of aperitifs, exquisite bubbles, and shooters of your choosing.

But there’s more to this experience than mere liquids can provide.


Small bites, take it away…

Here, small bites mean everything. The food itself is small, conducive to the fast pace that Vegas runs on.  This provides enjoyment and allows you to immediately return to conversation and socialization.

Our menu is a diverse collection of small bites that stimulate your palate. Each of the savory bites takes on the shared structure of casual lounge environments, with hints of Spanish tapas–items meant to be enjoyed by all.  This is not a place to sit, hands fully occupied by a knife and fork, conversation continually interrupted by food. Rather, it is an environment that contributes to satiation, naturally keeps the conversation flowing all the while passing around shareable plates that include items such as our famous signature wings, our delicious Oreos that have been deep-fried, our juicy sliders, and other mouth-watering collections from our kitchen.

To learn more about the menu provided and the experience at clique as a preferred Las Vegas lounge, visit our website.