Clique Bar and Lounge: What is Tableside Mixology?

Clique Bar and Lounge: What is Tableside Mixology?

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Author Ben Johnson famously wrote, “Drink today, and drown all sorrow; you shall perhaps not do it tomorrow; best, while you have it, use your breath; there is no drinking after death.” If that isn’t a strong case for seizing the day and enjoying a cocktail (or two!), what is?

Las Vegas Mixology

At Clique Bar and Lounge, we’re committed to making your cocktail experience the very best, and strive to transform ordering a drink into a full-blown experience. We do this by offering a unique menu of classic cocktails mixed with our own creative concoctions. We also offer a unique, trend-setting service called tableside mixology, wherein one of our trained mixologists will create something just for you while you watch.

Ready to experience the inimitable experience that is a well-made cocktail? Read on to discover some cocktail and mixology basics, and then to learn about what tableside mixology entails and why it’s such a special experience.

Tableside Mixology

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What is a cocktail?

Before you can understand mixology, tableside or otherwise, it’s important to know what a cocktail is, exactly.

A cocktail is defined as “a drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients”. The term cocktail originated in the United States, first cropping up in publications in the early 19th century. However, where the actual word came from is up to some debate. Here are two of the most common stories you’ll come across.

According to one account, the term refers to the spigot of barrels or casks of spirits, which was also referred to as the “cock”. When the container of spirits was at its end, the dregs were referred to as “tailings” and were often sold at a discount. Customers seeking a deal would request the “cock tailings”, or the dregs of alcohol that would come out of the spout.

Another account states that the word cocktail comes from New Orleans, where the apothecary Peychaud (also credited with creating Peychaud’s bitters) developed an alcoholic drink which he served in a coquetier (the French term for a tiny egg cup). Eventually, the term was shortened and Americanized into “cocktail”.

What is mixology?

If a cocktail is the finished product, mixology refers to the art of creating the cocktail. A mixologist is the person who mixes and crafts cocktails.

A common (and understandable) source of confusion is this: what is the difference between bartending and mixology? A bartender is trained in how to make drinks. A mixologist is, too, but in addition, he or she has an understanding of the ingredients involved in making a drink and what it is that each one does. This gives them a better handle on creating perfectly balanced and sophisticated drinks. To offer a comparison, bartending is more like following a recipe; mixology shows a deep understanding of why and how the recipe works, and allows for adjustments to be made accordingly.

To review: mixology includes aspects of bartending, but simply being a bartender doesn’t necessarily mean that the person in question has deep knowledge of mixology.

Tableside Mixology

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What are the advantages of mixology?

As you may have gathered from the above, mixology is all about the art of crafting a balanced, great-tasting cocktail. As such, one of the key things that you’ll notice when you order a drink from a bar focusing on mixology, the drink is likely to taste balanced, and classic cocktails will taste as intended, with a proper ratio of flavors and expertly applied garnish.

Another advantage of visiting a bar tended by a mixologist is that you can often speak with them about your likes and dislikes in a cocktail and they can make educated suggestions, often opening your eyes to new flavor profiles or cocktails that can quickly become your new favorites!

Tableside Mixology

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What is tableside mixology?

So now that you have a better understanding of what mixology is..what exactly is tableside mixology?

At Clique Bar and Lounge, we’ve taken cocktail creation to the next level with our tableside mixology service. Basically, an actual mixologist will build drinks right before your very eyes, at your own private table, with a minimum of one drink per person.

What are some of the advantages of tableside mixology?

Having such close proximity to the mixologist simultaneously provides a bit of showmanship and education.

First off, it’s fascinating and fun to watch the mixologist’s methods and see the drink come together; compared to trying to get a peek of what a bartender is doing behind a busy and crowded bar, this is like having front row tickets.

Second, it’s an invaluable experience to have this kind of face time with a mixologist. It’s an inclusive setting, so they are happy to share their methods and the hows and whys of creating cocktails. It also offers you the opportunity to ask questions about the process.

For instance, if you’ve ordered the “Something May Catch Fire” cocktail from the menu, which includes tamarind infused tequila, aloe vera liqueur, yellow chartreuse, lemon, pineapple, and rosemary cassia chips and curacao pearls, you may be curious about things like how and why the tequila is infused, or what the difference is between yellow and green chartreuse. Luckily, you’ve got someone on hand to answer these pressing questions! You may find yourself much more educated on cocktails after the experience.

Overall, tableside mixology gives you the opportunity to experience and interact with cocktail-making artists and gain a deeper understanding of the cocktail in your hand. It’s a full experience: you’ve seen the cocktail being made, and you’ve heard the story and method behind it. Without a doubt, a cocktail made tableside is going to remain etched in your memory and will be savored more than a hastily made mixed drink at a crowded bar.

Come experience tableside mixology for yourself at Clique Bar and Lounge in Las Vegas!

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