CliQue’s Bad Santa Industry Party

CliQue’s Bad Santa Industry Party

It’s time to dig your best ugly Christmas sweater out from the back of your closet – Clique’s Bad Santa party will be here in less than a week! It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know about the best industry party around.

Clique’s Bad Santa Industry Party

On Monday, December 17th, Clique Bar & Lounge will celebrate the holidays in a big way with our second annual Bad Santa industry party. Hosted by SKAM Artist founder, Sujit, this is the perfect chance to spend a night out with friends and your significant other before the craziness of the holidays get here.

Ugly sweaters are highly encouraged, so find the best ugly sweater you own and come join us. There are sure to be plenty of Instagram photo ops, and we’ll have amazing entertainment and drinks to ensure your whole party has a great time.

Featuring DJ Neva

We always bring you the best entertainment here at Clique, and our Bad Santa party will be no exception! DJ Neva will keep high-energy mixes playing all night. Originally from the Bronx, New York, DJ Neva launched his career with appearances at New York hotpots including The Palladium, Suite 16, and more. In 2003, DJ Neva landed a residency at Light, the nightclub inside the Bellagio Hotel right here in Las Vegas.

DJ Neva has been a hugely popular DJ in the Las Vegas club scene for over a decade. During that time, he’s held residencies at Liquid Pool, The Bank, Drais After Hours, and the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. He’s also DJ’d alongside iconic talent including Kid Rock, Funkmaster Flex, and Lil John. DJ Neva is highly in demand and has played at Pamela Anderson’s wedding, Jamie Foxx’s birthday party, and corporate events for GQ, Facebook, Adidas, Steve Madden, and more.

Known for his versatility and distinct mixing and scratching style, DJ Neva has a music knowledge that spans across almost every genre. We can’t wait to hear what he brings out for the Bad Santa party.

A Fun Night Out

Since Clique is conveniently located on the casino floor of The Cosmopolitan, you can make an entire night of our Bad Santa party. Start your night with an early dinner, then head to the casino to test your luck and hopefully win some money for Christmas shopping. Then, head in to Clique where the night will just be getting started and enjoy the party.

Tableside Mixology

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, then you need to give our Tableside Mixology a try. Our amazing mixologists will come right to your table and mix drinks right there, giving your group an up-close-and-personal look at the talent and process that goes into each and every drink.

With a mixologist at your table, you’ll be able to ask questions, learn about your favorite drink, and better understand how the ingredients contribute to create the best flavor possible. Our mixologists are happy to share details about preparation techniques, ingredient selection, and more, giving your group a unique learning opportunity. Then, when you next mix drinks at home, you can put these new techniques and knowledge to work – and blow away your guests in the process!  

Tableside Mixology has other benefits, too. There’s no standing in line at the bar, which can be a huge bonus on our busier nights. You get to stay with your group, relax, and watch as your drinks are mixed right at your table. It makes your night out into a memorable experience that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Delicious Food

No party is complete without food, and our menu offers plenty of delicious choices. Start the night off with a selection of table snacks perfect for sharing with your whole group. Our Avocado Toasts are both delicious yet not too heavy, and our Organic Veggie Summer Rolls provide plenty of flavor. Want to indulge a bit for the holidays? Then an order of our Pizza Pockets and Pigs in Blankets may be the perfect choice. Of course, no night is complete without our Clique Signature Wings which come with blue cheese dipping sauce.

End the night on a sweet note with Deep Fried Oreos or Crispy Apple Pie Wontons. Rich, delicious, and perfectly sweet, they’re sure to leave you satisfied.

See You Soon

Our Bad Santa party is sure to be one of our most popular events of the season. Make your reservations now, and we’ll see you soon!