Clique’s Famous Don Sandia Specialty Shooter.

Clique’s Famous Don Sandia Specialty Shooter.

(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge)

Are you ever tempted to walk on the wild side? Maybe you’re not quite ready to leap out of a plane or walk on flaming coals, but we’re pretty sure you can handle trying a new and different cocktail. If you want to expand your cocktail horizons and try something unlike you’ve ever tasted before, look no further than Clique’s famous Don Sandia specialty shooter.

The Don Sandia specialty shooter is a cocktail concoction unlike any other, both physically and in terms of flavor. Served in a unique cucumber glass, this tequila-based shooter is bound to leave a positive impression, both visually and in terms of flavor. Consider this post your introduction to this famous (and occasionally infamous) shooter which has quickly become the stuff of Las Vegas legend, including why it’s so special and how to enjoy. Cheers!

What is a shooter? Before we discuss this legendary shooter, it may be helpful to clarify the general definition of the word “shooter” in general. A shooter is a strong drink, which is frequently served in a small glass; sometimes even a shot glass. However, unlike a shot, which is a small pour of a single type of liquid, a shooter is a mixed beverage.

When it comes to drinking shooters, some like to “shoot” them or swallow them in one quick go; others prefer to sip. Our thoughts? The customer is always right, so you do what feels good to you!

Don Sandia Specialty Shooter(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge)

What is the Don Sandia shooter? Now that you have an idea of what a shooter is in general, let’s discuss the makeup of the famed Don Sandia.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this drink is that it’s served in a highly unusual vessel. If it looks like your drink is being delivered in a hunk of cucumber, well…you’re right! When a customer orders the Don Sandia shooter, a “glass” made from a hollowed-out portion of cucumber is made to order. It’s then filled with a mixture of Don Julio 1942 tequila infused with watermelon and a touch of lime; the shot comes with a little piece of watermelon to act as a “chaser” (which, in bar-speak, is the name given to any accompaniment that is low or no-alcohol that comes with a drink).

As for the name? It’s a clever shout-out to the ingredients. “Sandia” translates as “watermelon”, and this is certainly the Don of all Sandias!

Clique: a reputation for creativity. The Don Sandia shooter is a fantastic example of the creativity and inventiveness that are inherent to the Clique Bar and Lounge business model, menu, and overall culture.

At Clique, we are totally dedicated to delivering a unique experience to our customers. We realize this goal through a combination of great ambiance, an incredible menu, and creative mixology.

Our extensive and creative cocktail menu is a great place to start to see our creativity at work. It includes (but is not limited to) classic drinks, shooters, creative libations, and of course, beer, wine, and bubbles.

We also offer a service which is truly unique: Tableside Mixology. Basically, this service involves one of our mixologists coming and mixing your drinks table-side, which is not only entertaining and interesting, but contributes to the convivial mood of a great night out and gives you a great shared experience with friends, while also offering an educational and informative look at how mixology really happens.

So what does all this have to do with the Don Sandia shooter? Basically, we want to show you that Clique is dedicated to creativity and offering a quality experience in all of its offerings. Rather than a one hit wonder or mere novelty drink, the Don Sandia shooter is part of a greater creative whole.

As an establishment which is known for its inventiveness, creativity, and consistently high quality creations, Clique Bar and Lounge is the ideal place to branch out and try something new and rest assured that you’ll be getting a great product. We back up our creative ideas with high quality ingredients and skilled mixologists on staff, so that we aren’t simply offering novelty items that don’t taste as good as they sound. We’re giving you something of real substance.

Perhaps this Yelp reviewer sums up what we’re going for: “Can I get another Don Sandia shot please!??? This  new lounge in the heart of Cosmo just won my heart.”

What should you try next? OK, so you came, you saw the menu, you conquered the Don Sandia shooter. What should you try next?

First, we like the way you think, and second, we have some ideas. If you’re now a shooter convert, give one of our other offerings a try:

Ruby Rose: Featuring vodka, grapefruit-rose cordial, lemon, and hibiscus sugar, this sweet-tart drink is a little bit different, and well worth a try.

450 Powell: Spiced rum, rooibos-orange cordial, lemon, and cinnamon sugar make up this bright cocktail, which is a fantastic follow up to the Don Sandia shooter.

Tropical Sunset: Stoli Vanil Vodka, Cranberry, Lemon, Red Bull Yellow Edition

Or if it’s the cucumber you’re craving, try one of these cucumber-infused cocktails!

Green Machine: Your choice of vodka or gin are combined with cucumber, celery, spinach, and lemon, for an intoxicating yet refreshing fresh-pressed libation.

Dr. Cel-ray Pepper: Popular among Don Sandia shooter fans, this cocktail contains vodka, celery-peppercorn shrub (a type of liqueur), cucumber, lemon, seltzer, and celery bitters.

Off The Leash: This concoction of gin, aloe vera, watermelon, cucumber, and lime has a lot of the flavors included in the Don Sandia shooter, but adds up to an overall different drinking experience that is worth a try.

The Don Sandia shooter is unlike any other cocktail beverage you’ve tried! Made to order using fresh and delicious ingredients, this unique shooter is served in an unforgettable, made-to-order cucumber cup. It makes for a great addition to a night out, and is bound to open your mind to new cocktail possibilities. Come try this legend at our Las Vegas lounge and see for yourself how it can make your evening extra-special.

What’s your favorite type of shooter?