Cocktail Series With Antony Sazerac

Cocktail Series With Antony Sazerac

(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

There’s something about seeing food and drink made in front of you that heightens the experience. Cocktails are no exception! While it’s undoubtedly awesome and enjoyable to drink a well-made cocktail, it tastes even better when you can see and experience how it’s made.

If you enjoy witnessing the magic that is a master Mixologist making a cocktail, you’re going to love Clique Bar and Lounge’s new video series. The series features head Mixologist Antony Sazerac mixing up some of Clique’s signature cocktails.

Unlike Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail, our head Mixologist Antony isn’t merely playing the part of able-bodied bartender. While he’s undoubtedly got the good looks, he’s also got incredible cocktail-making chops to boot. You’ll find yourself hypnotized by his masterful shaker technique and his panache in pouring a perfect cocktail.

Here, we’ll give you the 411 on this video series, including a little backstory on Antony and what to expect from the videos!

About Antony Sazerac

Antony Sazerac is a Mixologist unlike any other. Coincidentally enough, his name actually doubles as a cocktail: the Sazerac, which is made with absinthe, sugar, rye whiskey or cognac, and Peychaud’s bitters, is the official drink of New Orleans. While Antony Sazerac bears no relation to this drink, it certainly does seem like an auspicious sign that his name coincides with a classic cocktail!

Cocktail namesake or no, Antony believes that his status as Head Mixologist is due more to hard work than fate. As he said in an interview, “I definitely don’t think of [my name] as meaning that I’m meant to be a famous mixologist or anything at all actually. I don’t really believe in fate or destiny necessarily. If anything my identity to me means being able to be whoever you want, and achieve anything you want as long as you believe in yourself and work hard.”

Antony’s career tending bar began when he was 21, but it didn’t yet strike passion in him. For a time, he quit the industry and pursued a career as a professional hairstylist. After years away from the bar, he came back to bartending to pay off some bills, but this time, something clicked. He really began to explore cocktails and spirits in earnest, and became fascinated with mixology. Now, he can’t get enough of mixing cocktails, and our customers can’t get enough of his amazing work!

Antony’s Cocktail Series: As promised, we’re sharing some of the recent videos featuring Antony Sazerac mixing up some of Clique Bar and Lounge’s most addictive cocktails. Here’s what you can expect from the first batch of videos in the series: 

Off the Leash: One of our signature cocktails, this potent potable is made with Bulldog gin, aloe vera, watermelon, cucumber, and lime.

In the video, you’ll see Antony combine fresh cucumber juice, simple syrup, lime juice, watermelon juice, aloe vera liqueur, and Bulldog gin in a cocktail shaker. After shaking the mixture vigorously, it’s strained into a glass snifter and served with a watermelon slice. 

Strawberry Fields: As the video begins, Antony jokes that he’s going to show you how to make “Specialty cocktails that are not terrible.” Far from terrible, this cocktail, which includes gin, Aperol, lemon, strawberry, mint, and sparkling wine, will make you crave Strawberry Fields forever!

In the video, magic unfolds as Antony starts with a few strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lemon juice, and simple syrup, which are muddled by hand. Bombay Sapphire gin and Aperol are added, and the mixture is shaken vigorously. After shaking, sparkling wine is added for a buoyant finish, and the drink is strained into a flute and garnished with a strawberry and mint sprig.

Benny Blanco: Like Benny Blanco from the Bronx in the movie Carlito’s Way, this is an assertive character. In cocktail form, the Benny Blanco is made with tequila, a unique pineapple chili shrub, Velvet Velvet Falernum, lemon, and seltzer.

In the video, you’ll see Antony combine lemon juice, pineapple chili shrub, Velvet Falernum, Casamigos Tequila, and a bit of agave nectar. After shaking vigorously, the mixture is finished with a splash of seltzer and strained into a tall glass with ice, and garnished with tajin-dusted pineapple for a surprisingly smooth drink that has just the right amount of kick.

Blueberry Mule: Antony’s take on the Moscow Mule is a little out of the box, and includes blueberry vodka, lime, and ginger beer.

In the video, Antony combines fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and Stoli Blueberi vodka in a cocktail shaker. After shaking vigorously, Fever Tree Ginger Beer is added, and the mixture is strained into a hammered mule cup. Garnished with a lime wheel, this simple drink is bound to delight.

We hope you enjoy these engaging “behind the cocktail” videos as much as we enjoyed making them. Stay tuned for additional videos to be released in the future! Meantime, we hope to see you at Clique Bar and Lounge soon so that you can taste Antony Sazerac’s handiwork for yourself.

Which is your favorite cocktail video?