Come Check Out the Industry Chef Battle Here at CliQue Bar And Lounge

Las Vegas Industry Chef Battle

Here at Clique Bar and Lounge, we are always looking to host new and exciting events that represent some of the most exciting talent in Sin City. This is why we are excited to announce we will be hosting the Industry Chef Battle right here at Clique, starting on August 29th.

Here Is What You Can Expect:

This event will be a five week series held every Wednesday night from 10 PM- 1 AM.

The event will kick off on August 29th and the final battle will be September 26th.

This round of chef battles will be in the shared plates category. The winner of this competition will actually win a trip to Mexico to the Avion Distillery. However, the best prize for the talented chefs of Las Vegas is that the winning item will actually be placed on the menu at CliQue.

Here is How the Competition Works:

There will be 16 contestants and three judges per night.

·         4 Chefs each week, 3 rounds, 1 winner each night

·         Chefs will be live streamed from the kitchen prepping foods

Round 1: Two chefs will prepare one item each to share with 50 people. They will have 30 minutes to do so.

  • Items will be predetermined 48 hours prior and listed on social media, our kitchen will source the ingredients. Invited Chefs will prepare in the CliQue kitchen.
  • Voting will be done with via written ballot and hand counted to determine which chef advances.

Round 2: Two additional chefs will face off head to head, preparing their one item to share with 50 people.

Round 3: The winners of each round will face off in the nights finale in a heads-up competition.

This will be a 30-minute round, they will make 50 dessert samples.

The two finalists (from the previous round) will be given a basket of ingredients in which they will have to use to create a dessert.

One of the items will be Wine or Liquor from the sponsor to incorporate into the dish.

Three Judges will score final based on: presentation, creativity and taste.

  • Each dish will be scored 1 to 10, with 10 being the best

The winner from this final dessert round will advance to the Finale which will be held on September 26th. The overall winner will be the chef who not only scores a prize to Mexico but who also gets their dish featured on the CliQue menu.