Enjoy Watching Football in Las Vegas at Clique

Enjoy Watching Football in Las Vegas at Clique

Clique Bar and Lounge – Football Season 2019/2020

With football season just around the corner, households all across Las Vegas (and across the country) are preparing for the onslaught of weekend and weekday night football activities. But why worry about hosting? Why struggle to keep the house clean, and find recipes appropriate for large groups when you could come on down to Clique!

Why visit Clique for football night in Las Vegas?

When you want to watch football in Las Vegas there is only one place you should consider: Clique. Out of all the NFL bars, we are the one you want to brag about when you tell your friends where to watch college football in Las Vegas. We have a menu that’s large enough for your groups big or small. With reservations, we can host parties of all sizes looking to enjoy the game, delicious food, and even better drinks.

With Monday Night Football just around the corner, Tuesday night football activities for fans of college games, and of course the quintessential weekend games all over Las Vegas we have unusual hours just for football fans. 

With so many games going on all season long, you shouldn’t have to worry about where to watch football. You shouldn’t have to debate with friends and friends’ wives where everyone will meet on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We are here to make that decision simple. Just have everyone meet at Clique.

We will be open for all football games, repeat, ALL, all season long.

Moreover, we have special hours for the entire season. On Saturdays, we open at noon, and on Sundays, we open at 9 a.m. You can come down in your casual Sunday outfits bright and early, and find that we are brewing your favorite beers and serving your favorite brunch foods.

We have table snacks perfect for sharing. Share some mini sliders, vegan sliders for those among your group, popcorn, sashimi, or avocado toast for an early-morning game. Later in the afternoon, don’t miss our pizza pockets, pigs in blankets, or mini lobster tacos. When you’re ready for one of our signature dishes, don’t miss our signature wings with blue cheese dipping sauce.

In addition to the dozens of signature cocktails and wines, we have a collection of craft beers that are sure to satisfy everyone in your group including Not Your Father’s Root Beer, at least you didn’t get space dust IPA, Redbridge gluten-free, and Strongbow apple cider. If anyone in your group is a fan of domestics, we have Murphy’s Irish Stout, Coronas, Modelo, and Stella. 

So quit worrying about where everyone should meet, or where you alone will enjoy the game. Avoid fighting for the remotes at home by booking your reservation for our Las Vegas Bar and Lounge. No doubt we have a more extensive selection of drinks than you will find it any of your friends’ garage refrigerators. Make your reservation today!