Five Reasons Why CliQue is the Best Lounge in Las Vegas

Five Reasons Why CliQue is the Best Lounge in Las Vegas

When it comes to finding fun lounges and exciting hot spots in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of options around Sin City. However, here at CliQue, we know no matter what hot spots you have found before, nothing truly compares to CliQue Bar and Lounge. Don’t believe us? Well if you haven’t already seen it for yourself, we have complied a list of just five (of the many) reasons why CliQue is the best lounge in Las Vegas.

1. We have the best location.

When it comes to Las Vegas, it is all about location, location, location and here at CliQue we believe we have the best location in all of Sin City as we are located right in the heart of the Cosmopolitan hotel—the most stylish hotel on the strip. At the Cosmopolitan everything is all about being chic and glamorous…and well cosmopolitan, and from the moment you step into CliQue you will see how we fit right in with the Cosmopolitan’s look.

2. Our live music is second to none.

Here at CliQue we know nothing compares to getting to sit back with your friends and enjoy live music, which is why every Tuesday and Thursday night we host our CliQue unplugged live music events. Come listen to some of the best local artists perform every Tuesday and Thursday evening right in our lounge. Don’t worry, when Friday and Saturday nights rolls around, we take things up a notch and serve up the beats from 5 PM to 3 AM with some of the best DJs in town.

3. Two Words: Tableside. Mixology.

Everyone knows that mixology is all the rage right now and that every great lounge utilizes the talents of trained mixologists. However, here at CliQue we aren’t just a great bar and lounge, we are the best lounge, which is why we’ve taken mixology to a whole new level with our tableside mixology services. Yes, you can have a professional mixologist come right to your table and create custom cocktails just for you—tableside. It is so much more fun than bottle service and is an experience you won’t want to pass up.

4. Our food will leave you feeling nostalgic.

At CliQue we know that having great drinks is only half the battle—you want some fun food to snack on as well, and we have just the table snacks to wet your appetite. When we crafted our menu we wanted to take our favorite snacks from back in the day and give them a fun, modern twist. This is why you will find pigs in a blanket, popcorn and even pizza pockets on our menu. These items paired with savory mini lobster tacos, wings and even yellowtail sashimi make our menu one of the best parts about our lounge.

5. We’re a sports bar too.

When you first step into CliQue, chances are you are going to be blow away by the chic and stylish atmosphere. However, just because we are one of the most luxe lounges in Las Vegas, it doesn’t mean we don’t like to sit back and watch the game just like you do. Whether it’s Monday night football, or day drinking for the Sunday afternoon games—CliQUe is YOUR spot to come watch all of your favorite football matchups in style. Ditch the dark, crowded dive bars and come watch the biggest NFL and college games with us!