Fresh Pressed Cocktails Are Hot For Cooling Off At Clique Bar & Lounge

Fresh Pressed Cocktails Are Hot For Cooling Off At Clique Bar & Lounge

Try a Healthier Version of Your Favorite Summer Drink with Fresh Pressed Cocktails at Clique Bar & Lounge

Summer is here, and that means endless sunny days and no shortage of opportunities to chill with friends over a few drinks. The warmer weather is the perfect time to try a new cocktail or two, especially one that features the lush, juicy flavors of summer.

The only drawback?

Those refreshing drinks of summer are loaded with all the stuff you’re trying to avoid to keep your body bikini ready for all those hot poolside afternoons in Las Vegas. When you come to Clique Bar & Lounge you don’t have to worry about deciding between a great cocktail and throwing your healthy diet out the window. Clique offers fresh pressed cocktails that are just one of the reasons why this is the Vegas cocktail lounge where you’ll want to spend your nights, and maybe linger into the wee hours of the morning.

Fresh Pressed Cocktails? What’s This All About?

Fresh pressed cocktails are the perfect alternative for our friends that want a delicious grown up drink that isn’t bogged down with the fake sugary sweetness of your typical mixer. Not that there’s anything wrong with a classic rum and coke, but the heat of summer demands something a little more refreshing, and fresh pressed cocktails are just the right amount of “extra” to lighten up your night.

Fresh pressed cocktails are a healthier option to your summertime indulgences. Instead of mixers loaded with tons of sugar and empty calories, these cocktails are made with fresh pressed juice and packed with all sorts of good stuff and health benefits.

Take for example the Mai Tai – a true classic when it comes to summer drinks. Made with rum, curacao, lime and loads of simple syrup, it packs in nearly 300 calories and about half of the recommended daily allowance of sugar. You know you’re not going to want to stop at one, and before you know it, you’ve consumed an entire day’s worth of sugar and half your calorie allotment in just a few drinks.

At Clique Bar & Lounge, you can try something different, like our one of the fresh pressed juice creations crafted by one of our mixology masters. Instead of a Mai Tai, why not try something like rum mixed with fresh pressed orange, lemon, carrot and ginger juice? Just as luscious and just as tasty, with none of the added guilt.

Health Benefits of Fresh Pressed Cocktails

Can a cocktail really be healthy? Actually yes, it can. The reason that so many drinks get a bad reputation for being loaded with calories and sugar has more to do with the mixers than the boozy component itself. A shot of vodka, rum or just about any other pure spirit has between 60 -70 calories. This is pretty harmless, especially when consumed in moderation.

Once you start adding in syrupy mixers, the numbers quickly change. Plus, we’re talking about pure empty calories. We’re not ones to turn down a creation from a fantastic mixologist because it has a bit too much sugar, but when you’re trying to stay health conscious, fresh pressed cocktails like the So Fresh So Clean (seen below) are a great option.

So Fresh So Clean - Fresh Pressed Cocktail - Clique Bar & Lounge

Cocktails made with fresh pressed juices are packed with nutrients, like Vitamin C – which just happens to be one of nature’s very own hangover cures. For people who are already accustomed to eating healthy, the aftereffects of a cocktail or two can extend beyond the typical hangover symptoms. In addition to a lingering headache the next day, you might feel lethargic and almost flu like thanks to the party all that sugar had in your system. Fresh pressed cocktails help to nourish the body and support your healthy eating goals, all while giving you the freedom to enjoy a few drinks with your friends on a hot Vegas night without a hint of guilt.

Clique Cocktails Offer Unsurpassed Freshness 

Enough about all the health benefits, let’s talk about what’s really important – flavor. When was the last time you took a sip of a drink that was so bright and juicy that you couldn’t help but taste the freshness breaking through? At Clique Bar & Lounge, our fresh pressed cocktails are made with the freshest, most vibrant seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, or maybe something a little bright and earthy – like a cocktail made with fresh pressed cucumber, celery and lemon that’s been infused with a top shelf gin – our experts of mixology are ready to create a drink that will completely change how you think about summertime cocktails.

Experience Fresh Pressed Cocktails at Clique Bar & Lounge

The days of super heavy, super sugary summertime drinks are thing of the past. Today’s summery cocktails are fresh, vibrant and even healthy. At Clique Bar & Lounge, we’d like to invite you to experience our signature cocktails made with fresh pressed juices for yourself. There’s nothing quite like summer in Las Vegas, and there’s no place to celebrate it like Clique Bar & Lounge. We’re excited to see you, RSVP and join us tonight!