Get Planning your Las Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Get Planning your Las Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Congratulations: you’re getting married! But before you get too obsessed with tedious things like seating arrangements and table centerpieces, why not take some time to think about something fun…like your bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Party Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable spot to host one last fling before the ring, look no further than Clique Bar & Lounge in Las Vegas.

Sin City has long been a premier destination for pre-wedding flings, and with plenty of good reason: it’s brimming with culture and excitement, and we sure know how to party here! There’s never a dull day in Las Vegas, that’s for sure.

If you’re curious about planning a bachelorette party but don’t know where to get started, this post is for you. We’ve put together some helpful tips for planning the best possible bachelorette party, from start to finish!

  1. Pick a point person. While planning a bachelorette party will require feedback and input from plenty of people, it’s smart to establish a key point person for planning the event. This will be the person who remains the primary contact for venues, reservations, and travel coordination. Often, this is the maid of honor, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

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  1. Create a guest list. Who’s going to be attending the big event? Usually, the guest list will include the bridal party, but you may decide to add other friends or family members to the guest list, too. These days, there’s no specific etiquette for bachelorette parties, and guys are often welcome, too! It’s your party, so invite the people who bring you joy.
  2. Lock in your dates. Reach out to your crew and figure out some potential dates for your party. It’s best to plan a few months in advance, so that people can make their travel plans and block out their calendar for the dates in question!
  3. Make a reservation. Once you’ve figured out the best dates for your bachelorette bonanza, reach out to Clique via our online bachelorette reservation form. We’ll get in touch with you and together, we can get the ball rolling!
  4. Arrange your travel and accommodation. Once the date is set, it’s time to book flights and hotel arrangements! Clique is conveniently located in The Cosmopolitan, which is at the center of all of the Vegas strip action. Consider making reservations at The Cosmopolitan for the easiest “commute” to your bachelorette party!
  5. Work with the Clique staff to plan your event. The hard parts are done now: it’s time to have fun with the party planning! Working with the staff at Clique will help make planning the perfect event a snap. We can help tailor the party to your dreams, helping with decor, food, arranging reservations for our unique Tableside Mixology service, and more.  
  6. Plan your Vegas adventure. Vegas is an incredible city, so make sure that you make the most of your time! From the vibrant Strip with its gaming and glitz to world class dining and entertainment options, there’s never a dull day in Las Vegas. If you love the high caliber of service that Clique offers, you may want to consider exploring some of the other venues within the Clique Hospitality group, including several Vegas bars and restaurants.

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  1. Have fun! Once it’s time for the big event, your hard work is done and it’s time to party!  So sit back, enjoy the surroundings at our Las Vegas nightclub, and enjoy. It’s your night and your party!
  2. Document it on social media! Don’t forget to take plenty of photos, because you’re bound to make some great memories during your bachelorette party at Clique Bar & Lounge. Be sure to tag us on Instagram so that we can share in the good times!

If you’re looking to host a truly incredible bachelorette party, consider hosting your event at Clique Bar & Lounge. With a killer location in the center of all the Vegas action, it’s truly a memorable venue for your final hurrah before getting married!  

Have you started planning your bachelorette party yet?