What Makes a Great Las Vegas Bar?

What Makes a Great Las Vegas Bar?

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Las Vegas is one of the greatest party towns in the world. Without a doubt, cocktails are part of the fuel that keeps this party machine going: seemingly all of the casinos, resorts, and clubs boast fully stocked bars.

But with so many awesome cocktails and drinking establishments in Las Vegas, a bar has to be really special to stand out. So what are the necessary characteristics that a bar must have to attain success and get noticed in Las Vegas? Here, we’ll explore what makes a great Las Vegas bar!

Characteristics of a Great Las Vegas Bar

1. You must offer something different. Mixology and cocktails are part of what fuels the fun  that is Las Vegas. They make the lights sparkle just a little bit brighter, and make every adventure just a little bit more daring and dangerous. As previously noted, because cocktails are in such high demand, there’s no lack of great bars in Las Vegas. So to really stand out, a bar must offer customers something different.

Clique Bar and Lounge offers an experience unlike any other. We don’t merely make mixed drinks. Mixology is the name of the game here, with cocktails that will really knock your socks off with creative flavors and clever twists, yet an always-balanced flavor. To get an idea of the creativity present on our menu, check out our interview with head Mixologist Antony Sazerac!

2. Creative presentation. A well-made cocktail is a thing of beauty to sip. But since your first impression of the cocktail will be visual, a superior presentation is necessary.

Take, for instance, Clique’s Cookies & Cream Shooter. It’s an oeuvre of cocktail creativity! The shooter is made Ciroc vodka, Dorda double chocolate, banana liqueur, and chocolate whipped cream. It already sounds like heaven, but that’s not the full story: it’s all served in an edible cookie shot glass. So once you finish the liquid, you can actually eat the glass! It’s a great presentation that delivers a second to none cocktail-dessert experience.

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(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

3. Showmanship. Las Vegas is a city known for its myriad of entertainment options. When a bar gets in on that action, it is bound to stand out. At Clique, we embrace showmanship and cocktail creativity with our Tableside Mixology service.

What is Tableside Mixology? Basically, an actual mixologist will build drinks right before your very eyes, at your own private table, with a minimum of one drink per person. Not only is this a great conversation starter and fun to watch, but you and your friends might learn a thing or two about mixology in the process!

4. Location. Las Vegas is densely populated with casino resorts. With that in mind, a bar’s location can have a huge impact on the overall customer experience. Ideally, its geographical location should be convenient to the many other offerings of Las Vegas.

At Clique Bar and Lounge, the location is second to none. It’s located  in the heart of The Cosmopolitan, on the casino floor. This means that it’s the perfect respite from gaming, offering a cocktail getaway steps away from all the action. The Cosmopolitan itself is a great place to log some time in Vegas, as it features a casino and hotel, as well as a number of excellent restaurants. Clique Bar and Lounge is a perfect place to meet for cocktails before dinner, or to enjoy cocktails and snacks in the evening.

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6. Entertainment. Las Vegas loves a good show. While shows don’t always need to be part of a bar’s offerings, in Vegas, it certainly does elevate the experience and make an establishment that much more destination-worthy. At Clique Bar and Lounge, we’re all too aware of this, and we offer some fantastic entertainment options. As you’ll see on our robust Events page, our calendar is packed with all sorts of entertainment options, including #MyCliqueMondays, Unplugged Tuesdays and Thursdays, Friday Beats, and so many more special events!

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(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

6. Great food. At Clique, we know that cocktails are even better when shared with friends…and a little food. For that reason, we offer a variety of small plates which are not only perfect for sharing but delicious and creative in execution.

For lighter bites, consider our Edamame (made with fresh lemon and Maldon sea salt) or Avocado toasts (made with smashed organic avocado, heirloom tomatoes, and basil). If you’re craving something a little salty and indulgent, opt for our Mini Sliders (mini burgers served with pimento cheese, burger sauce, and skinny fries) or our Pigs in Blankets (the classic cocktail snack, served with ketchup and mustard).

Best of all, each of our food offerings pairs well with the cocktails from our menu! Visit this post for a full guide to suggestions for pairing our food with suggested cocktails.

7. Great balance. All of the characteristics listed above are things which can certainly help a Las Vegas bar stand out. However, to truly be great, it requires the perfect balance. It’s less about attaining as many of the bullet points and more about doing each thing well.

At Clique Bar and Lounge, we take every aspect of our bar seriously, and are committed to offering our customers the very best experience possible. This means that we don’t care about one aspect of our service more than the other. The ambiance, the location, the cocktails, and the food are of equal importance in our eyes. We want to be able to offer a positive overall experience to our guests. We have a great handle on the big picture, and we think you’ll be able to tell when you come visit!

So…what makes great Las Vegas bars? Ultimately, a number of different elements must come together to make a bar or lounge truly great. At Clique Bar and Lounge, we’ve taken the time, energy, and careful planning necessary to curate a fantastic experience for our customers, complete with great cocktails, food, entertainment, and a truly luxe setting. Come see for yourself what it’s like to spend some time in the presence of cocktail greatness in Las Vegas: visit us today!

What do you think makes a great Las Vegas bar?