How to Appreciate a Cocktail- 5 Insider Tips

How to Appreciate a Cocktail- 5 Insider Tips

5 Tips to Enjoying a Cocktail

When it comes to enjoying a great cocktail, there is so much more that goes into the drink besides how much alcohol is in it. Sure, we’ve all slammed rail gin and tonics before, but if you are going to order a creative, masterfully prepared cocktail, then you need to know how to really appreciate that drink. Not sure how to look like a pro when drinking cocktails? Here are a few insider tips for you to consider.

1. If you’re ordering just a high-end spirit, order it neat.

There is a lot that goes into really appreciating a carefully crafted cocktail. However, if you are more focused on trying an individual high-end spirit, then it is typically best to order it neat. This means no water, not ice, nothing else but the spirit or your cocktail. This allows you to really explore the complexities of a spirit. Most bartenders will create a cocktail and serve it in the way they think is best, but if you really want to make the most of a high-end spirit, try it neat.

2. Know the lingo.

If you see that a drink is “up” or “on the rocks” make sure you know what it really means, it will help you enjoy the cocktail even more. When a drink is “on the rocks” it is served with ice. When it is “up” it is shaken with ice and strained out to cool the drink, but to make sure melted ice doesn’t water down the flavor. It is a common way to serve Manhattans and martinis.

3. Dirty Drinks.

“Dirty” is most commonly used in martinis and it means that the cocktail is mixed with a brine that adds an acidic, vinegar taste to the drink. It also makes the cocktail look cloudy—hence the name. This is actually a great way to really appreciate a martini as it will help bring out the flavor of the drink.

4. Know the Differences in Whisky.

This is something that can be hard for some people to grasp, but there are so many different types of whiskey and so many different flavors, depending on the whiskey that you order. There are a few different types of whiskey.

Scotch is from Scotland and has a smoky flavor that is known to linger. It is typically ordered neat or on the rocks.

Bourbon is from Kentucky and is made with mostly corn, it is slightly sweeter than other whiskeys and pairs well with spices.

Rye is an American or Canadian whiskey that has a bold, almost burning flavor. It goes well with sweet mixers since it has such a bite.

5. Take it slow.

Classic cocktails and custom mixology creations are truly a work of art. They are meant to be enjoyed. So, instead of trying to drink them as fast as possible, take your time and really sip and enjoy each drink. Notice the smells and the flavor and really take in what you are sipping. It will make the experience even more enjoyable

Now that you have a few different tips on how to really enjoy your next cocktail, it is time to come down to CliQue Cocktail Lounge to test out your knew cocktail knowledge and really enjoy the world-class cocktails that we have to offer.