How to Expand Your Cocktail Knowledge

How to Expand Your Cocktail Knowledge

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Learn About Cocktails

Do you have trouble discerning shaken drinks from stirred, liquor from liqueur, or aperitifs from digestifs? Sounds like you need to expand your cocktail knowledge.

The wonderful world of cocktails can sometimes prove daunting to those who have never learned the basics of mixology. However, this post will reveal some quick and easy secrets that will help you expand your cocktail knowledge quickly!

1. Check out a cocktail book.

There are a number of incredible cocktail books out there which can help you learn some cocktail basics. Check out books like The Ultimate Bar Book by Mittie Hellmich or The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Hand-Crafted Drinks by André and Tenaya Darlington to kick-start your cocktail education and to help inspire you to find your next go-to drink.

Books like this will help you gain a base knowledge of some classic cocktails and mixology methods. Even if you never intend on preparing drinks yourself, understanding how they are made will give you a greater appreciation when you order next time.

Of course, if you prefer a fictional approach to cocktails, go ahead and pick up just about any Ernest Hemingway novel. Infamous for his love of cocktails, the author frequently features detailed descriptions of delicious alcoholic concoctions in his stories.

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(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

2. Familiarize yourself with some cocktail terminology.

Learning some of the basic terminology employed by bartenders and mixologists can improve your cocktail IQ and make you seem a whole lot cooler when ordering a drink. This post offers a helpful glossary of cocktail terms to get you started.

3. Ask your bartender questions.

One of the best ways to improve your cocktail prowess is by learning from a professional. If you visit a bar or nightclub during a less busy hour and find yourself with a bartender who has a few minutes to talk, take advantage of their knowledge!

Talk to them about their methodology, favorite types of alcohol, and the tools they use. You might learn something that surprises you, or get inspired to try something new.

4. Ask for suggestions based on your preferences.

Another great way to expand your cocktail knowledge is to reach out for suggestions based on what you already know you like.

Say you order a Negroni every time you go out. If you tell the bartender that this is your favorite drink but you’d like to try something new, they may just introduce you to a drink that might become your new favorite!

5. Sample something different from our menu!

If you’re feeling adventurous, take the leap and simply try something new from Clique’s extensive cocktail menu!

If you’re looking for something different, maybe you’ll go for our Blueberry Mule cocktail, which is a unique take on the Moscow Mule. Made with Stoli Blueberi Vodka, Blueberry-Lime Cordial, lime, and ginger beer, it’s refreshing and has a little kick that will keep the good times coming!

Or perhaps you’ll sample our Up All Night cocktail, prepared with Cruzan rum, Orgeat, lemon, ginger syrup, blackberries, strawberries, Peychaud’s Bitters, and garnished with a sparkler. It’s the perfect way to party all night long!

Then again, we also have a creative selection of “fresh pressed cocktails”. Why not try our Vita Mixin’, where you’ll choose from Avion Silver Tequila or Botran Reserva Rum, and we will blend it with carrot, orange, ginger, and lemon? It’s healthy, but not too healthy, you know?

6. Try Tableside Mixology.

Our Tableside Mixology service is a great way to get up to speed on mixology, and fast. With this service, one of our mixologists will come tableside and prepare specialty cocktails right before your eyes. Not only is this a fun and entertaining way to enjoy drinks with friends, but it can provide you with a powerful cocktail education as well.

Say, for instance, you order our Underneath the Sheets cocktail, which is made with

Strawberry Infused Kappa Pisco, Botran Blanco Reserva Rum, lime, Cointreau, orgeat, and Cruzan 151 Rum, and finished with a strawberry.   

As the drink is prepared, you have the opportunity to ask the mixologist any questions you might have about the process. For instance, what is Orgeat? What makes a rum “blanco”? How is Pisco made? You’ll be able to learn about the cocktail, which is likely to increase your overall enjoyment of the drink!

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(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

7. Have another round.

One of the most enjoyable ways to expand yoru cocktail knowledge? Have another round! After all, another round is a whole new opportunity to enjoy and savor a new type of cocktail. Who knows what you might discover as you drink your way through the Clique menu with friends!

At Clique Bar and Lounge, we want you to enjoy the best cocktail experience possible. By improving your cocktail knowledge, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for mixology and may be inspired to try something new! We hope to see you soon at our Las Vegas nightclub so you can expand your cocktail expertise.

What’s your favorite cocktail?