Las Vegas Bars: What to Expect

Las Vegas Bars: What to Expect

(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

Las Vegas Bars

What should you expect when you go to a bar in Las Vegas? It’s a valid enough question. After all, nothing about Las Vegas is quite like anywhere else, so why should the bars be any exception?

If you’re coming to Las Vegas, it might seem like an intimidating prospect to go to bars if you’ve been accustomed to establishments in smaller towns. But there’s no need to be intimidated! Here, we’ll tell you what to expect when attending establishments like Clique Bar and Lounge so that you can focus on enjoying the experience!

A swanky atmosphere

Las Vegas is a city built on glitz and entertainment. As such, you’ll notice that many bars are beautifully appointed. This is one of the wonderful things about going to a bar in Las Vegas: it truly feels like an event.

Clique Bar and Lounge is an ideal example. As you walk in, you’ll be shrouded from the nearby casino with elegant drapery, which gives the feeling of an escape. Lush, comfortable seating awaits, with statement lighting fixtures and a warm glow from the candles that are artfully arranged on table surfaces. The atmosphere exudes luxury yet also feels completely comfortable.

Las Vegas Bar

(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

High caliber drinks

Sure, you can get a classic mixed drink in Las Vegas. But at creative, mixology-driven bars like Clique, it would be a shame to not try some of the more unusual and innovative offerings!

At Clique, we take great pride in our innovative and sometimes unexpected menu. You can sip on specialty cocktails like our Off The Leash, which is made with Bulldog Gin, aloe vera, watermelon, cucumber, and lime, or enjoy our Blackbeard’s Delight, which is made with Bulleit Bourbon, blackberry, lemon, mint, and ginger beer. Or will you opt for our Dr. Cel-ray Pepper, a unique concoction of 50 Bleu Vodka, celery-peppercorn shrub, cucumber, lemon, seltzer, and celery bitters?

Drinking experiences

Las Vegas is all about unique experiences. The bars are too! At Clique, We don’t merely offer cocktail creations; we also offer a number of drinking experiences unlike anything else!

For instance, we offer creative shooters that allow you to drink your cocktail then eat the cup too! Our Cookies and Cream shooter, for instance, is made with Ciroc French Vanilla, Dorda Double Chocolate, Banana Liqueur, and chocolate whipped cream. Then it’s served in an edible cookie cup!

Perhaps the biggest can’t-be-missed experience is our Tableside Mixology service. With this service, you’ll have a mixologist come directly to your table and make your cocktails, tableside. Not only does this add an aspect of entertainment to your drinking experience, but you’ll likely learn a lot more about your cocktail! This service will make your cocktail experience more immersive and memorable. 

Las Vegas Bar

(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

Amazing food.

In Vegas, the standards for food and drink are pretty high. As such, you’re not going to find humdrum pub grub on offer here!

At Clique, we offer a food menu that is every bit as innovative and creative as our drinks offerings. On the menu you’ll find items like edamame made with fresh lemon and Maldon sea salt; you’ll also find elevated bar fare like our Clique Signature Wings, which are served with blue cheese dipping sauce. For something different, maybe you’ll try our

Mini Lamb Gyros, which are miniature versions of the classic wrap sandwich,made with shawarma spiced lamb, cucumbers, tzatziki sauce, and lemon.

Best of all, every one of our food offerings has the perfect drink accompaniment! This post details tips for pairing each and every one of our menu items with the perfect cocktail.

Las Vegas Bar

(Source: Clique Bar and Lounge Facebook page)

A classy atmosphere

In Las Vegas, people like to get a little showy, to match the atmosphere. As such, when you go to a bar in Las Vegas, you’ll have plenty of great people watching! Go ahead and join in the fun: wear something a little bit nicer. You’ll definitely feel more at home if you turn yourself out nicely. A great night out is even better when you look and feel good!

Private events

Las Vegas is a go-to destination for special events. From Bachelor or Bachelorette parties to corporate events and trade shows, there’s always some occasion going on in Vegas. To help foster the best experience possible, Clique Bar and Lounge offers both full and partial buyouts of our space. Buyouts are available for up to 200 people, and can include customized menus. To learn more, you can visit our Private Events page; you can also send an inquiry to us to get the ball rolling.

Incredible events and entertainment

 Las Vegas is a city built on entertainment. It’s only natural that bars and clubs should join in on the fun! At Clique, we always have something going on. On any given night of the week, we might be featuring live music, an incredible local or National DJ, or events like our “Masters of Mixology” series, which is a competition we have created that hosts local bartenders and mixologist alike to compete for their chance to have the title of being Master of Mixology and also for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans courtesy of Red Bull. Be sure to check out our Events page to see what will be going on when you choose to visit Clique!

As you can see, Las Vegas bars offer an experience unlike any other. If you’re accustomed to small town bars, it can be quite a different experience! However, by acclimating yourself to what to expect at an establishment like Clique Bar and Lounge, you’ll be more comfortable and better able to sit back and enjoy the experience as it comes. We hope to see you at our Las Vegas bar very soon!

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