Millennials are creating the emergence of Artisanal Bars

Millennials are creating the emergence of Artisanal Bars

Millennials are cold blooded murderers. Nothing escapes their cold hearts, willing to destroy everything the American Dream stood for: buying a house with the white picket fence, getting a 9-5 job to retire in 40 years, having an average of two kids, family dinners at Chilli’s… the list goes on—when will this cold-blooded madness end?!

Business Insider, New York Post, Forbes… all these mega-respectable journalistic consumer watchdogs entities have called out Millennials for their murderess ways:

Millennials are killing the golf industry”- Business Insider

Millennials are killing the movie business”- The New York Post

Will Millennials kill Home Depot?”- Home Depot

Millennials are obsessed with ‘style of life’—and it’s killing retailers” Yahoo Finance

Oh, the Horror!

But, there is one thing Yahoo Finance did get right: Millennials are obsessed with the style-of-life—or better said, they are assigning importance to personal experiences, over material things. Milliennials are about saving money, but also spending it sensory overload. Sorry old America, The new “American Dream” is now quality over quantity– which means that for many traditional businesses set in their ways (that once wrought profitable success the marketable dream of “buy buy buy”) must now quickly adapt to this new self-aware form of consumerism…or file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The now-largest consumer group in the US has changed the way businesses create and market their products, by tapping into some imagination: creating experiences, like mini concerts, hosting yoga classes (beer yoga, anyone?), and even creating craft foods and drinks.

The new wave of consumerism is bridled in just that: craft, and artisanal. Over 50% of young adults claim to be foodies, and if there are two certainties the Millennial generation will always crave, it’s: good food and live music. The goal for restaurateurs is not to supply food that’s cheap and full of sugar, salt, and fat anymore. Instead, they’re challenged to create mindful, local, farm-grown organic, and just plain nutritious foods at a price point that’s manageable.  This generation’s sustenance is founded in the craftsmanship of fine food and Mixology, and the likes of blue-color beers like Budweiser and Coors Light have been replaced with craft beer. The fresher and more creative, the better.

Artisan Bars

This new wave has created venues that embody the Millennial wholesome experiential market, and Vegas revelers have a venue that is the perfect combination of the artisanal experience in food, drink, and live music: CliQue Bar and Lounge.

Located in the Heart of The Cosmopolitan on the casino floor, Clique Bar & Lounge offers a bevy of experiences that will keep you wanting more. Whether it is tableside mixology, timeless music, or tastes that will awaken your senses. We are shaking things up this winter.

Mixology from the minds of the most innovative bartenders takes center stage with tableside mixology. Aside from your classic cocktails, Clique offers an array of shooters, bubbles and aperitifs all while creating a lasting tableside experience.

Guests looking to stimulate their palates can enjoy a variety of savory bites and sharable plates, including high-end street tacos, an array of sliders and salads, among other mouthwatering dishes from award-winning chef Brian Massie.

The menu focuses on craft cocktails made using fresh ingredients and from-scratch mixers, like the House signature Don Sandia, made with CliQue’s famous cucumber shot, casamigos blanco tequila, watermelon, lime, and sweet agave; or the Dr. Cel-Ray Pepper with 50 Bleu vodka, celery-peppercorn shrub, cucumber, lemon, seltzer and celery bitters.

If you’re feeling a more lavish, experience the table-side cocktail menu, a one-of-kind experience where mixologists concoct your unique drink like a lab experiment, right at your fingertips. Other drinks utilize fresh-pressed juices or are smoked for added flavor.

Feeling a little under the weather? Detox your system with fresh-pressed libation, like Vita Mixin’, made with carrot, orange, ginger, and lemon, and shot of Plantation 5 year Rum or Avion Silver Tequila.

If hunger strikes, CliQue also offers a handful of shareable appetizers created by award-winning chef Brian Massie. Try the Mini Lobster Tacos with grilled mango, avocado and cilantro, or the Signature Wings with Blue Cheese Dripping sauce; even popcorn takes an artisanal twist, making this simple snack, a delectable dish, made with honey sriracha and chives.

You can enjoy these craft goods alongside nightly live entertainment, with Unplugged music Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and musical entertainment each night that will make you want to dance on tables.

So while the baby boomer generation is saying “back in my day, we just drank Budweiser and listened to the radio,” we’ll be saying “we drank hibiscus-infused beer with smokey chipotle undertones, tapped on nitro, combined with unicorn glitter and four leaf-clover for extra good luck, while watching an unplugged performance by Jason Isbell.” Because for us, it’s about creating lasting memories, and satisfying taste buds.

CliQue is open daily from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. For more information, visit