Reintroducing Tableside Mixology

Reintroducing Tableside Mixology

Pop quiz! You’re in Vegas. Would you rather have cocktails or go see a show? 

Great news: you no longer have to decide! At Clique Bar & Lounge, you can have it all with our Tableside Mixology service.

Showmanship meets expertly made cocktails with this destination-worthy service where cocktails are created right at your table by one of our skilled mixologists. It’s truly an experience unlike any other! 

Want to learn more? Here, we’ll educate you on the basics of Tableside Mixology, plus we’ll take you on a tour of our tantalizing cocktail menu!  

Reintroducing Tableside Mixology - Clique

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What is Tableside Mixology? 

Tableside Mixology is cocktail creativity at its best!

When you order from our Tableside Mixology menu, you can rest assured that your drinks are going to be delivered in spectacular fashion.

Here’s how it works. First, one of our staff Mixologists will bring a tricked out drinks cart to your table. Then, they’ll prepare your chosen cocktail creation right in front of you. 

That means you get to witness the magic of mixology happening right before your eyes! With specialty drinks made with specialized mixology techniques, unique ingredients, and even sparklers, it’s often quite a sight to see. 

Tableside mixology gives you the chance to experience your cocktail in a whole new way by making you part of the process. You get a better understanding of the art of the cocktail…then get to enjoy the finished result! 

We think this makes cocktails taste even better. But tasting is believing, so don’t delay! Make a reservation to come visit us today.

Remember: there’s a minimum of one drink per person when you order this service! 

Tour the Tableside Mixology Menu! 

Curious about the types of cocktails you can order on our Tableside Mixology menu? Let’s check ‘em out! 

Doctor’s Orders: You know what they say: a cocktail a day keeps the doctor away! (wait…don’t quote us on that.) This luxuriant lovely is made with a heady mix of ginger infused Jim Beam, ginger syrup, honey syrup, lemon, ginger foam, and a spritz of Lagavulin 16 Year paired with candied ginger. It’s spicy, it’s sweet, and it will linger in your memory long after you’ve drained your glass. 

Joey Smokestack: Smoky, sweet, and totally unique. This crowd-pleasing cocktail features Belvedere Single Estate Rye, Casamigos Mezcal, Crème De Cacao, honey, lemon, lime, cream, San Pellegrino, egg whites, cracked pepper, and the piece de resistance: delectable Baileys roasted marshmallows. Yum! 

Up All Night: When it’s time to sleep, you might find yourself having sweet dreams about this cocktail. It’s made with Cruzan Rum, orgeat, lemon, ginger syrup, blackberries, strawberries, Peychaud’s Bitters…and to make it extra unforgettable, it’s served with a sparkler! This is the stuff that Instagram dreams are made of. 

Something May Catch Fire: This cocktail is fiery, unique…and completely delicious. It features Patron Blanco Tequila, aloe vera liqueur, yellow chartreuse, lemon, and pineapple…then it’s all garnished with rosemary and cassia (Chinese cinnamon) chips. You’ve never tasted anything like it. 

Underneath the Sheets: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! But then again, you may want to spread the word far and wide once you sample this unforgettable cocktail. It’s made with strawberry-infused Kappa Pisco, Bacardi Superior Rum, lime, cointreau, orgeat, and Cruzan 151 Rum topped with a strawberry. 

Banana Berry Revival: This cocktail may be sweet, but it’s no cupcake. It’s got a touch of citrus twang, and plenty of kick. It’s made with Ambros Banana Whiskey, strawberry cordial, lime juice and mint opium. 

Spiegelworld Opium: This cocktail is positively intoxicating, and you’ll be left wanting more! It’s concocted from Bombay Sapphire Gin, Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto, fresh lime juice, Beau Joie Brut Champagne, raspberries, blueberries, and marshmallows. 

The Final Word on Tableside Mixology

Tableside Mixology allows you to enjoy cocktails in a whole new way. It adds an element of intrigue and awe to your evening out, and gives you an inside look at the fascinating art of Mixology. The service is just as intoxicating as the beverages! We hope that you’ll consider joining us soon at Clique Bar & Lounge to experience the mixology magic for yourself! 

Have you experienced Tableside Mixology?