Spotlight on Clique’s Wine List

Spotlight on Clique’s Wine List

Las Vegas CliQue Bar & Lounge’s Wine List

When you think of Clique Bar and Lounge, chances are the first thing you think of is our creative cocktail list. After all, our crafted cocktails are legendary in Las Vegas and beyond! However, cocktails aren’t the only thing we take pride in offering on our drinks menu. Today, we’d like to spotlight Clique’s impressive wine list. 

If you’ve ever browsed the wine portion of Clique’s menu, then you know it’s extremely well curated and impressively eclectic. Each wine is carefully chosen so that there’s an option for every type of palate. Here, we’ll explore Clique’s wine list to help you enjoy it even more!

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Why wine?

Why would a cocktail bar offer a wine list? After all, if you’re an establishment known for cocktails, isn’t the wine list just an afterthought? Not at Clique Bar and Lounge.

Yes, Clique puts a lot of focus on our creatively curated, mixology-forward menu of cocktails. However, we recognize that not everyone is a cocktail person, and not every night is a cocktail night! Wine is the perfect alternative.

But Clique Bar and Lounge isn’t the type of establishment to just offer a sub-par “house white” and “house red” and call it good. If we’re going to offer wine, we’re going to offer a well thought out variety of offerings!

An eclectic menu

As noted above, Clique Bar and Lounge is dedicated to delivering top notch culinary and drink experiences. Our robust wine menu offers an option for a variety of preferences depending on what type of wine drinker you are. Our menu is well designed, including:

Sparkling wines

It’s always the right time for bubbles! Our menu boasts 9 different sparkling wine varieties to help you party in style. Several are offered by the glass; all are offered by the bottle.

From full-bodied Veuve Cliquot champagne to elegant Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Rosé to classy Louis Roederer Cristal, we’ve got plenty of buoyant options to make your night sparkle.

White wines

From light and bright to full-bodied and buttery, we’ve got several high quality white wines on our menu. We run the gamut in terms of flavors and styles: from a slightly spicy-yet sweet Riesling to rich Chardonnay and so many styles in between, we offer several white wines by the glass and by the bottle.

Red wines

From elegant and subtle to strong and robust, our red wine offerings are extensive. From an earthy Pinot Noir which makes for easy sipping to a tart Malbec to a rich Cabernet, we have something for every mood and flavor. We offer our red wines by the glass and by the bottle.


You can Rosé all day at Clique! In addition to Rosé champagne, we also offer Rosé wine by the glass and by the bottle.

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Pairing wine with our menu items

Another great benefit of offering wine on our drinks menu? It pairs beautifully with our food offerings. Here are a few different suggested pairings for items from our menu:


Seasoned with honey sriracha and chives, our addictive popcorn is the perfect pick to pair with a sparkling wine. A glass of Rosé or Brut is ideal!

Pizza Pockets:

These ooey gooey bites are made with mozzarella and packed with pepperoni. A bold Cabernet is the perfect classy pick to upgrade your pizza pocket experience!

Bill’s Spicy Tuna:

A menu favorite, this dish is comprised of spicy tuna served with crispy rice and ponzu sauce. Surprisingly, an off-dry Riesling is a pleasing pick: the spice picks up on the spiciness of the tuna and the fruit tones work well with the meaty tuna flavor.

Mini Sliders:

These mini burgers are served with pimento cheese, burger sauce, and skinny fries. A Malbec has enough muscle to hold up to the rich and assertive flavors, and makes you feel fancy while eating.

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates:

These elegant finger foods feature goat cheese, basil, and Marcona almond piquillo pepper sauce. With so many flavors going on, you need a wine that plays well with a variety of flavors, like Pinot noir. It picks up the sweetness of the dates and tempers the savory bacon; it also works nicely with the earthy pepper sauce.

Note: for cocktail and food pairings, check out this post!


Clique Bar and Lounge isn’t just for cocktails! If you’re a wine lover, you’ll enjoy our well thought out list of red, white, and sparkling options. Come see for yourself how wonderful our wine list truly is!

Have you sampled any of the wines at Clique?