Tableside Mixology: The New Bottle Service—Right Here at CliQue Bar and Lounge

Tableside Mixology: The New Bottle Service—Right Here at CliQue Bar and Lounge

For years, bottle service has been the ultimate status symbol for groups who want to enjoy quality cocktails without getting up to make a trip to the bar. However, here at CliQue Bar and Lounge, we are taking bottle service to a whole new level with our new tableside mixology service. If you love the creative concoctions that the craft cocktail movement has brought to establishments like Clique, then you are going to love our tableside mixology service.

If you want one of the most personal and unique craft cocktail experiences in all of Las Vegas, let one of our expert mixologists take the reins. They will come right to your table and create a unique cocktail just for you while you watch them work their magic and create an unforgettable creation. Here are CliQue LV we know that there is a huge difference between an expertly crafted cocktail and a little liquor splashed with a mixer.

So, why choose tableside mixology? Well it all starts with the quality of that cocktail you are going to get when you use our tableside mixology services.

tableside mixology

Mixology is about the art of creating a cocktail. Our mixologists have a unique understanding of all of the ingredients involved in making a drink and what each of these ingredients will do, and most importantly how they will work together to create the best flavor possible. This is why you will notice your tableside mixologist explaining all of their ingredients and preparation techniques to you in person so you can really understand what it is that is going into your cocktail.

Don’t get us wrong, we love bartenders and know that bartenders are able to create some truly delicious drinks. However, understanding the difference between bartenders and mixologists is that while bartenders are able to follow recipes to create drinks, mixologists have a much deeper understanding of the ingredients they are using and the background of what goes into a cocktail.

You can even put them to the test! Next time you order a drink from a mixologist, whether it is a professional at the bar or one of our tableside mixologists, ask them to create a cocktail based on some of the tastes and flavors that you normally like. You may be surprised to find the concoctions that they can come up with, and they may just make something that is your new favorite drink.

Getting to experience the craftmanship and showmanship of mixology is a great way to avoid the lines at the bar, impress your friends, or just have a front row seat to a true artist at work. Plus, when your mixologist is done, you will leave your tableside experience being far more educated on cocktails than you ever thought possible.

Why have bottle service and pay for a bottle to sit at your table, when you can have your own mixologist craft any cocktail you want, right at your seat. We want to bring the fun to you so give our tableside mixology services a try next time you head into CliQue, we promise a cocktail experience you won’t soon forget!