Take a Walk on the Dark Side with the Mysterious Blood Moon Cocktail at Clique Bar & Lounge

Take a Walk on the Dark Side with the Mysterious Blood Moon Cocktail at Clique Bar & Lounge

There’s a Blood Moon on the Horizon at Clique Bar & Lounge

It’s that time of year, when “spirits” run high. As we transition through Halloween and the Day of the Dead, there’s a distinctive supernatural feeling to the air. Everything around us seems to take on a little mystery as we embrace the darker side of fall. As the skies turn a little gray, and nights seem a little darker, we’re here to celebrate this transitional time of year in the most special of ways.

When you step into a Cosmopolitan cocktail lounge, you aren’t expecting an ordinary experience. At Clique Bar & Lounge, we know just how to take an average fall night and transform it into something memorable – and the trick we have up our sleeve is a little out of this world.

We’re talking about our featured cocktail this month – the Blood Moon. It’s alluring, mysterious, and every sip is as sensuous as you’d expect such a cocktail to be. Never heard of the Blood Moon? Well, let us take this chance to introduce you.

What Does a Blood Moon Taste Like?

Now, there’s a question you probably never thought you’d ask, but it’s an important one all the same. When Clique’s Blood Moon Cocktail gracefully lands in front of you, the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing color – amber orange, with a hint of blood red. It looks deliciously warm and inviting, while making your heart skip a beat in nervous anticipation at the same time.

After admiring the beauty in your glass, you’ll find a pleasant aroma fills your nose as you bring the glass to your lips. At first kiss, the Blood Moon cocktail is warm and sweet, but as you become more familiar with its flavors, its complexity becomes more obvious. You might even be so taken aback by the mingling of the flavors, that you’ll happily declare Clique’s seasonal cocktail as the pinnacle of Vegas mixology.

A little sweet, a little bitter, and mildly rich, this is a cocktail that lingers on your mind long after it has passed over your lips. Before you run off, thinking you can grab a Blood Moon cocktail this delicious at any Vegas lounge on the strip, or even recreate it at home, it’s important that you know not all Blood Orange cocktails are created the same – in fact, many of them are vastly different.

A quick search for the Blood Moon cocktail will leave you confused, not knowing which spirit or mixers to use. Some use whisky, others vodka or rum. Some include fresh blood orange juice, while others recreate the flavor with rich, warming liquors. At the end of the day, it seems to be the color and presentation that determines whether a drink will be named a Blood Orange cocktail, and not the ingredients themselves.

What’s Special About the Blood Moon Cocktail at Clique Bar & Lounge

An incredible cocktail should be an experience, something that extends beyond the spirits mixed in your glass. When we create a featured cocktail, we take the mood and atmosphere of Clique into consideration for a fully immersive experience. This why our Blood Moon cocktail is warm and inviting, but also mysterious, unexpected, and even a little seductive.

We keep our Blood Moon cocktail pretty simple, because when you combine the right spirits, there’s no reason to overdo it. There’s definitely something to be said for favoring quality over quantity. So, what’s in our new favorite cocktail at Clique Bar & Lounge? Equal parts of three ingredients – Glenmorangie Original Whisky, Cherry Heering, and the Italian spirit Aperol, all of which are stirred together and then garnished with delicate dehydrated orange slices.

Come Join Us for the Blood Moon at Clique Bar & Lounge

By astrological standards, the true blood moon is a rare occurrence, however the hunter’s moon that occurs in the fall is also referred to as the blood moon. We think that you really don’t need any special lunar event to justify joining us for one of our favorite cocktails of the season. Before you know it, fall will be nothing but a memory, so take a moment to stop and savor the sweet, delicious mystery of a fall night at Clique with a Blood Moon cocktail. Put down whatever you’re doing, and RSVP to join Clique Bar & Lounge for night out with the Blood Moon today.