Catch UFC 229 at Clique Bar & Lounge in Las Vegas

Catch UFC 229 at Clique Bar & Lounge in Las Vegas

UFC 229 Las Vegas Viewing

MMA fan? Then we know right where you’ll be on Saturday, October 6th – watching the UFC 229 fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. And if you’re looking for the perfect place to watch the big fight with your friends, then join us at Clique Bar & Lounge. Nestled right in the heart of Las Vegas, we’ll have the fight on all of the TV screens and there won’t be a bad seat in the house.

What You Need to Know About UFC 229

UFC 229 promises to be one of the best fights of the year, and all eyes are on this lightweight fighter matchup. In his comeback fight, McGregor will take on wrestling champion Nurmagomedov. This past April, McGregor captured the nation’s attention when he was captured on video throwing guard rails at a bus that was transporting UFC fighters. Two of the fighters were hospitalized as a result.

The assault was an apparent confrontation of Nurmagomedov, who was on the bus at the time and who had slapped Artem Lobov, McGregor’s friend. Needless to say, when the two fighters meet in the ring in Las Vegas in just a few weeks, the atmosphere is sure to be charged.

Who Will Win UFC 229?

Which fighter will emerge victorious? It largely depends on how the fight goes.

McGregor is returning from almost two years away from competition. He’s a controversial fighter and is known for his trash talking. Worth about $34 million according to Forbes, McGregor spent a vacation in Ibiza in 2017, living life up with plenty of partying and even a jaunt on a yacht.

Nurmagomedov promises to be a challenging match for McGregor. He became champion in the lightweight division while McGregor was absent from competition. Nurmagomedov’s incredible strength and talents in grappling should help him to fend off McGregor – plus he has a title to defend.

McGregor: Whiskey Connoisseur

McGregor, who often toasts with whiskey after his fights, has unveiled his own brand of whiskey called Proper Twelve. McGregor made the announcement on Monday, September 17th via an Instagram post. He explained that he’s studied the art under his late grandfather, and has put more than three years of work into the development of this whiskey. McGregor stated that the whiskey is crafted “at Ireland’s oldest distillery” and is “made with the Isle’s freshest spring water and finest golden grain and single malt.”

According to McGregor’s post, his company will make a donation to the first responders in each district that a case of the whiskey is sold in. “These are the men and women who run into buildings while everyone else is running out. They are our real life heroes,” wrote McGregor.

Top Reasons to Watch UFC 229 at Clique

You’ll find Clique Bar & Lounge on the casino floor of The Cosmopolitan. After you’ve tried your luck with the slots or the card tables, you can join us to watch the fight and see if your pick comes out on top.

Our great menu of delicious table snacks ensures that you’ll have plenty to eat during the entire duration of the fight. Maybe you want to start off with our Mini Sliders, or perhaps our Mini Lamb Gyros are more to your liking. Of course, our Clique Signature Wings with blue cheese dipping sauce are always a big hit, as are our Pizza Pockets, Pigs in Blankets, and Mini Lobster Tacos. Top off the night with Deep Fried Oreos or our Crispy Apple Pie Wontons.

If you’d like to make the fight into a memorable experience for your entire party, then take advantage of our Tableside Mixology. Our talented mixologists will come to you, and will create an intricate drink right at your table. You’ll get to see the art that goes into these drinks, ask questions, and enjoy amazing drinks. Might we suggest the Something May Catch Fire for the fight? Tamarind Infused Espolon Tequila, Aloe Vera Liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse, Lemon, and Pineapple will provide plenty of kick to get you all revved up for the fight.

Looking for something a little bit different? Maybe one of our signature cocktails is the right choice for you. Of course, we also have domestic, import, and craft beers, as well as wine, sangria, and more.

Ready to support your favorite fighter in UFC 229? Then come down and watch the fight at Clique. With our great atmosphere, delicious foods, and amazing drinks, you couldn’t choose a better place to watch this highly anticipated fight.