Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with This 10 Step Vegas Survival Checklist

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with This 10 Step Vegas Survival Checklist

10 Step Vegas Survival Checklist

We got you covered with our Vegas Survival Checklist! The days are getting longer and the nights are heating up in Las Vegas. But we all know that summer doesn’t officially kick off until Memorial Day Weekend. You could honor the arrival of summer in the same old traditional ways of cookouts with stale beer and the sticky sheen of mosquito repellent, or you can celebrate the weekend in style in one of the best places in the world – Las Vegas!

With so much to do and so many hot spots to cool off, MDW in Las Vegas is guaranteed to be like no other. There are plenty of events going on to keep you busy during the day, but what about the nightlife? Where should you go and how should you give summer the welcome it deserves in a city with an endless list of options?

We know it can all be a little intimidating, and we’d rather you focus on having a great time than wandering around, unsure of where to go or what to do. To make sure you get the most of your time in Las Vegas, we present you with the essential Memorial Day Weekend Survival Guide.

barbershop las vegas

Relax and Look Your Best by Visiting the Barbershop LV

We’re going to speak to the guys for a moment but ladies are welcome to eavesdrop on the conversation. Guys, you want to look your best before you take on the Las Vegas nightlife, and there’s no better place to relax and polish your look at the same time than the Barbershop LV, a speakeasy located in the Cosmopolitan.

At the Barbershop you can clean up with a cut and shave while sipping on a fine, aged whisky. Walk ins are accepted, or you can book a spot ahead of time. Don’t worry, they Barbershop isn’t going to neglect the ladies in your group. They can come along to enjoy Faded Karaoke on Thursdays and live music during the weekend while sipping on a choice whiskey, shooter or cocktail created by one of the Barbershop’s experts in mixology.

Book a Table and Skip the Line at the Pool

So, you stayed out a little too late last night and all you really want to do is chill by the pool and soak up some love from the hot Vegas sun. We get it, but instead of heading to the pool and fighting the masses for a shot a chair, why not book a table instead.

Let’s be honest here. You’re going to spend some money at the bar anyways while you nurse that hangover. You might as well book a table and enjoy the perks of a VIP experience

Sunscreen Isn’t Overrated

While you’re hanging out at the pool, or anywhere in the Vegas sun, don’t forget the sunscreen. The heat from the daytime sun rivals what you’ll find at night in a scorching Las Vegas lounge. Slather on the sunscreen during the day so you don’t end up looking like a blistering lobster at night.

Stay Hydrated

It’s hot and you’re enjoying the best Vegas mixology talent. There’s one word you need to keep in mind – hydration. Keep a bottle or tall glass of cool water by your side constantly to stay hydrated and avoid a pounding headache the morning after.

Too Late, You Didn’t Hydrate? Call the IV Doc

What if you didn’t heed our advice and didn’t stay hydrated during last night’s adventures. You don’t have to spend the day tucked away in your room or hiding under a pair of shades to protect your delicate eyes. You can visit the IV Doc and receive a hydrating infusion packed with just the right vitamins to leave you feeling refreshed, headache free and ready to take on the night’s adventures.

greene street kitchen

Brunchin’ at Greene St. Kitchen

Once you’ve visited the IV Doc, your appetite will probably make a prompt return. Where’s the best place to fuel up and fill up in Las Vegas? How about brunchin’ at Greene St. Kitchen, a well-loved spot that locals affectionately call GSK.

GSK is located in the Palms Casino Resort and features a menu that will tantalize everyone in your group. From seafood to vegan dishes made with fresh, organic ingredients, a brunch at GSK is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Let Uber or Lyft Do the Driving

Finding your way around the Las Vegas lounge scene can be intimidating enough without worrying about directions, designated drivers or tracking down a cab. Before you head out in Vegas, make sure you’ve downloaded the Uber and Lyft apps to your phone.

Ride sharing services like Under and Lyft are a safe, convenient way to get from one place to another. Plus, the local drivers will be able to give you some insider tips on how to spend your Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas.

Get the VIP Treatment with Tableside Mixology

When in Vegas, there’s absolutely no reason to not indulge and treat yourself like a VIP in every way. Clique Lounge wants to help you do this with their tableside mixology service.

Tableside mixology elevates the cocktail experience. Instead of just ordering a drink from the bar, you have an expert mixologist craft your favorite cocktail tableside, explaining how each ingredient enhances the drink. The specialized attention and luxurious flavors will leave you feeling like the VIP you know you are.

Get Bubbly with the Beats

To kick off MDW in Vegas, make sure you stop by Clique Bar & Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights for Serving the Beats with high energy DJ talent. Can’t decide on what beverage to indulge in? We say go all out on a high-end bubbly and enjoy Vegas in style.

las vegas lounge

Always End Your Night at Clique Bar & Lounge

After a day of soaking up the sights, sounds and flavors of Vegas, there’s no better place to end your night than Clique Bar & Lounge. With expert mixologist, VIP services, high energy music and an atmosphere infused with luxury, this is the spot that’s going to make your holiday weekend memorable.

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas

The long holiday weekend offers only 3 days and nights to experience the best of Vegas nightlife. Clique Bar & Lounge wants the honor and pleasure of showing you an amazing time in Las Vegas. Grab your sunscreen, bikini and a few best friends and come discover the best of Las Vegas for yourself. RSVP at Clique Bar & Lounge today.