Watch UFC 241 on the Strip at Clique!

Watch UFC 241 on the Strip at Clique!

Where to Watch the UFC on The Strip

If you want to catch the latest UFC fight in Vegas, you’re in luck. Clique Bar & Lounge, located right on the Strip, offers an ideal viewing place where you can not only watch the fight, but can also enjoy some amazing cocktails and delicious upscale foods that you won’t find in a sports bar. Join us for the next UFC fight and watch the event in comfort and luxury. 

About the UFC

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, dominates the Mixed Martial Arts industry. This company attracts and features the best MMA fighters that you’ll find, pitting them against each other in 12 different weight divisions. 

MMA is an exciting full combat sport that combines fighting techniques from various other combat sports. In the MMA, fighters can use striking and grappling techniques, and may fight both while standing and while on the ground. 

UFC fights take place in the UFC Octagon, which was first featured back in 1993. The octagon is equipped with plenty of safety padding and fencing to help keep the athletes safe while still giving the audience a 365-degree view of the fight. The interior fighting space measures 30 feet across, and the octagon stands four feet above the ground. The canvas used as the octagon’s floor is hand painted for each event, and each canvas is used only once. 

All UFC competitors need to obey the United Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. These rules govern all factors of the fights, including judging criteria, fouls, weight classes, medical requirements, and appropriate attire and equipment. While fighters can use a variety of combat techniques, the MMA rules state that acts such as head butting, eye gouging, biting, spitting, hair pulling, and striking an opponent on the spine or back of the head constitute fouls. Referees can identify fouls and a competitor may be disqualified. 

The 2019 UFC Season

The 2019 UFC season is already off to an exciting start. UFC events are scheduled through December, with about four events taking place each month. Fight Nights are scheduled to take place at destinations all over the world, including in China, Mexico City, Singapore, and Moscow. On August 20th and August 27th, the UFC heads home to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you can guarantee that all of Vegas will be watching these fights. 

Watch UFC at Clique Bar & Lounge

Places to Watch the UFC on The Strip

If you want to watch the UFC on the Vegas Strip, you’ll need to head to Clique Bar & Lounge. We’re the only location in the Cosmo to show the UFC matches, and we do so in style. Here, there’s no greasy bar food or crowded sports bar atmosphere. Instead, you can watch the fights in unparalleled comfort. 

At Clique, you aren’t crowded into a hard booth and left to strain for a view of the TV. The lounge is spacious and welcoming, and you can relax on a couch or take a seat at the bar. There’s plenty of seating and you’ll always have a great view of the TVs. 

During the fight, munch on artisanal bites from our menu. We have favorites like Mini Sliders, Pizza Pockets, and Clique Signature Wings, but we also have some delicious but less common sports bar dishes such as our Miso Sea Bass Lettuce Cups, Mini Lobster Tacos, and Edamame. Our sweet and delicious Deep Fried Oreos and Crispy Apple Pie Wontons are the perfect way to celebrate when your fighter wins the match. 

If you don’t want to miss a minute of the action, our Tableside Mixology may be the perfect choice for you. Our mixologists will craft your favorite drinks right at your table. Watching the artistry that goes into these cocktails is entertainment in itself, and with toppers like Baileys roasted marshmallows, candied ginger, and even a sparkler, these cocktails are sure to become your next favorite drinks.  

Join Clique’s UFC Viewing Party

Your next chance to catch the UFC fights at Clique happens on August 17th, so come join our UFC viewing party. Gather up your friends, make a reservation, and we’ll see you for UFC 241 on the 17th